Applied Counselling and Development Institute of South Africa

invites you to attend two different courses

Course 1: 30 CMD POINTS for

Applied Counselling School for Ministers, Pastors, Church leaders and Theology students

Steve Biko Hospital, Pretoria, 24-27 June 2013

Cost R1500

This school offers you 4 days of hands-on training in counselling applicable to a pastoral context.

● Therapeutic themes

Trauma in the ministry


Disarming conflict

Sexuality and gender

Still birth


● Practice and skills development

Self-examination and awareness of assumptions

Caring conversations

Ethics and service

Course 2: 15 CMD POINTS for

Trauma Support Workshop

Santa Sophia, Pretoria, 26-27 May or August 10-11 2013.

Cost R750

· Explore the nature of trauma – how it operates and gets its disruptive power.

· Understand the body-mind connection in trauma.

· Listen to stories of trauma in a way that makes people stronger and supports resilience.

· Practice psychological first aid and containment skills.

· Know what to look out for and when to get professional help.

· Learn how to care for yourself while you face trauma stories

How will you benefit?

· Continued personal and professional growth, as well as greater practical counselling knowledge and skills.

· CMD points (Continued Ministerial Development), as well as a certificate of attendance and letter of reference.

· Feedback, coaching and individual support from the presenters.

How to register: E-mail Visit and Applied Counselling and Development Institute of SA (Facebook) to see our other training events.

ACDiSA’s trainers: ACDiSA’s counselors and trainers have extensive understanding and experience of trauma counselling. They provide trauma counselling and support services in state hospitals and other NGO’s. They work with the trauma of illness, death, accidents, injury and crime. They support patients, their families, doctors, nurses and students.

Presenters: Dr Ilse Gravett and Ms Hettie Mathie, registered pastoral and psychology counselors, as well as trauma practitioners.

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