28-29 AUGUST 2008


Thursday 28 August


08h00-08h30                 Registration

08h30-08h45                 Opening and Welcome


Chair: Jurie le Roux


08h45-9h45                 Singing Moses. His song in Deuteronomy 32  – Eckart Otto


09h45-10h15               Short Paper: Ethics and justice in an African society

Liswaniso Kamuwanga


10h15-11h15               Who stands behind the ‘rascha’ in Psalm 50:16a. The ethical testimony of Psalm 50:16-22 – Theodor Seidl


11h15-11h45                 Tea


11h45-12h30               Psalm 133 as a response to xenophobic attitudes in South Africa todaySam Ndoga


12h30-13h30                 Lunch


13h30-15h45               Short Papers (45 min each)

1.         ‘Liturgy and Ethics’ in Psalms 15 and 24

            Hendrik Bosman

2.         The Ethics of Psalm 16 and the composition of the PsalterAlphonso Groenewald

3.         Psalm 19 from a bodily perspectiveJohan Coetzee



15h45-16h15               Tea


16h15-17h00               Ps 34 and the ethics of the editors of the Psalter – Phil Botha

17h00-17h45               Reading the ethics of Ps 37 – Leonard Maré



Friday 29 August


Chair: Piet Venter


08h00-09h00               Ethical and theological parallels between biblical psalms and the NKST indigenous Christian songs – Emmanuel Usue


09h00-10h00               Wisdom and EthicsGerlinde Baumann

10h00-11h00               Psalm 72 and the Ethics of EmpireAndrew Mein


11h00-11h30               Tea


11h30-12h30               Torah ethics and Wisdom psalms in Book V of the Psalter – Dirk Human


12h30-13h30               Lunch


13h30-14h15               An ethical reading of Psalms 111-112 in the context of Book V in the PsalterGert Prinsloo


14h15-15h00               Identifying with the ‘poor’ for selfish reasons. On the ideology of Psalm 109Eben Scheffler


15h00-15h30               Tea


15h30-16h15               Prophet, poetry and polemic: perspectives from Jeremiah 5:26-29Willie Wessels


16h15-17h00               What is good? Eutyphro’s dilemma and meta-ethical presuppositions about divinity and and morality in the Psalter – Jaco Gericke


17h00-17h30               Gilgamesh. Is there ethics in the madness?Gerda de Villiers


17h30-17h45               Closing

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