Friday 4th November 2011

You are invited to attend

The Annual General Meeting of the

Spirituality Association of South Africa (SPIRASA)

Friday 4th November 2011


Theme:  Prayer as Spiritual Practice

Unisa, Pretoria: Samuel Pauw Building, Room 622

Conference fee: R75


Key note speaker: Prof. Vincent Brummer, The Netherlands

Prof. Brummer is internationally known for his book on What Are We Doing When We Pray? On Prayer and the Nature of Faith which won the Andrew Murray – Desmond Tutu Prize for Christian and Theological Books for 2009 (Ashgate Publishers). Reading material for Prof. Brummer’s presentation will be sent to those who register for the conference.


8h00-8h15. Registration

8h15. Opening

8h20-10h25:  Prayer as a Spiritual Practice: Prof Vincent Brummer

8h20-9h00: 1. Prayer and the nature of God

9h00-9h40:  2. Prayer and relating to God

9h45-10h25:  3. Prayer and the nature of faith

10h25-10h45. Tea
10h45-13h30 : Perspectives on Prayer

10h45. Willem Nicol

11h05.  John Allen

11h20.  Johan van den Heever

11h35.  Andries van Aarde

11h50.  Annemarie Paulin-Campbell

12h05.  Brent Chalmers

12h25.  Christo Lombaard
12h45 Panel and general discussion on the papers: Introduced and Chaired by Pieter de Villiers

13h30 Light lunch and personal interaction

(Program subject to change)

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